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How to install Erlang

February 22nd, 2009

Well, it depends on what OS you are running. Saying that, I mean NOT building the source code. 


Just download the binaries from Erlang website and run the exe file


apt-get is your friend, just do sudo apt-get install erlang.


I installed MacPorts and did sudo port install erlang, and it works!


This is a bit tricky as I can’t find any official Sun package for Erlang, you have to either compile from source or follow these instructions:

  • Determine Solaris version and machine type (sparx or i386)
    uname -a
  • Go to the corresponding folder in http://www.iforceready.it/pub/csw/stable , or other mirrors
  • Download the following packages
    1. common
    2. ncurses
    3. libiconv
    4. readline
    5. unixodbc
    6. openssl_rt
    7. openssl_devel
    8. openssl_utils
    9. openssl
    10. erlang
  • Unzip and install them in the above order
    sudo pkgadd -d <<package name >>
  • And the path to erl is /opt/csw/bin

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