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OneTeam Media Server and Erling

March 29th, 2010

It’s been a long time I haven’t blogged anything about erlang … damn… too many cool stuff but too little time. Actually my works are getting heavily busy these days + 4-month-old kid … lots of excuses huh?

Good news is I’ve been back to my Erling (AMF Implementation) recently. While spending sometimes to see what progress I have made so far, I came across OMS (OneTeam Media Server) release announcement.

OneTeam Media Server, or OMS for short, is a new Flash server implementation, written in erlang, by ProcessOne. This will enable your users to broadcast voice and/or video streams to multiple subscribers.

Wow, this is a great news … it’s greater to see more and more heavy task back-end services written in Erlang. I’ve registered an account with ProcessOne Git Repository just to fork the project. Lots of thing can learn from OMS. Many thanks to ProcessOne for open source this project.

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